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My second month of pregnancy


I had my last period between 7 and 10 weeks ago and am therefore between 5 and 8 weeks pregnant. No doubt about it - I am pregnant. I am excited to announce this to everyone I know!

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Where is my baby?

Its face is starting to take on its definite form: its eyes, ears, nose and mouth appear, followed by the tongue and even the buds of its teeth. Its head is now well formed and much larger in proportion to its body. This is a key stage in the development of its senses: from the end of the seventh week onwards, the optical nerves are already capable of noticing variations in light levels.

All its organs are in place - some tiny and others enormous by comparison! Its brain and its pulmonary and digestive tract are developing at great speed. As far as its heart is concerned, it has gained so much in volume that it forms a little bump at stomach level! Its liver is also taking up a lot of space.

Your baby's little body is changing rapidly: its vertebral column is forming, its arms and legs are lengthening, its elbows appear, its fingers and toes are becoming distinct ... it is already a miniature human being!

Your baby's muscles are now in place and it is starting to move, but in an involuntary manner ... Its movements may be visible during the first ultrasound examination (which generally takes place between the 9th and the 11th week of pregnancy). You will have to be patient a little longer before you will feel it!

My good dietary habits

At this stage of pregnancy, nausea and vomiting, especially in the mornings, is not a rare occurrence! If this is the case, speak to your doctor about it. To relieve it, avoid very rich or fatty food and divide up your meals, allowing yourself one or two little snacks between your three normal meals. Repeated vomiting may result in slight weight loss. Don't worry about it as long as it remains moderate, otherwise you should speak to your doctor about it.
To avoid fatigue and discomfort as a result of this nauseous state, don't skip breakfast. If you do, you may develop cravings and a drop in energy during the morning! More than ever before, varied and balanced nutrition is that you need. You should take care to consume sufficient carbohydrates (bread, starches such as potatoes, cereals, legumes, etc.), which will give you energy.

Also remember your hydration by drinking at last 1.5 litres of water a day (or more in summer!). Water is an essential component of your blood, the volume of which has increased a lot since the start of your pregnancy for the exchanges between the foetus and the placenta that are required for your baby's nutrition. It also ensures the good functioning of your kidneys, which eliminate waste, as well as those of your baby. Banish all alcohol and sugary carbonated beverages and limit your intake of beverages containing caffeine such as coffee and tea.

What is a good snack?

At this stage of pregnancy, a good snack is a fruit or vegetable + a protein + a cereal product + a beverage. An example?
1 apple, 1 slice of whole-grain bread and 1 cup of milky tea or 1 home-made snack: white cheese, sliced red fruit and a crumbled biscuit, accompanied by herbal tea. If you prefer savoury food, you could have 1 slice of whole-grain bread, some radishes and a slice of ham. Avoid pastries and other very fatty or sugary foods. Your snack will also give you a chance to balance your diet by providing you with the nutrients you are lacking: 1 block of dark chocolate to supply you with magnesium, or 1 satsuma for some vitamin C.

You are eager to discover your baby during the 1st ultrasound examination!



Sonia, 28 years, 2 months pregnant

"Euphoria has given way to morning nausea. I am also feeling a little constrained in my favourite jeans. Grrrr ! Normally, my baby will now be the size of my little finger ."

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