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My first month of pregnancy


I had my last period between 2 and 6 weeks ago and am therefore between 0 and 4 weeks pregnant. I have only just heard that I am pregnant! This is extraordinary ... I can't quite believe it yet. And I thought I was coming down with the flu!

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Where is my baby?

Your future baby now resembles a kind of little comma, with a head, and the stumps of its four limbs. Its umbilical cord is being formed and circulation between the foetus and the placenta is established.

In reality, the foetus now takes the form of a kind of oval disk, made up of three layers of cells which will give rise to the various body structures. The endodermis (internal layer) will result in the baby's organs, i.e. its digestive tract, liver, pancreas and the respiratory system. The middle layer will result in the skeleton, its heart, the blood vessels and the sexual organs. The external layer or ectoderm will result in its nervous system and sensory organs as well as the skin, hair and nails. A bump will form in the middle: this is its future head! As far as its little heart is concerned, it is starting to beat in the form of a cardiac tube from the end of the third week onwards.

Everything is therefore ready for what we call "organogenesis", i.e. the creation of the various internal organs and the start of blood circulation. This key stage of development will take place during the fourth week.

My good dietary habits

Pay extra attention to what you are eating! That does not mean that you can eat for two. Your needs have changed since the start of your pregnancy. To ensure the good development of your baby, you must increase your iron and folic acid (or vitamin B9) intake.

To avoid any risk of your baby contracting a dangerous disease (such as listeriosis or toxoplasmosis), ask your doctor for advice. It is recommended to avoid certain foods such as raw fish and seafood, as well as dairy products made with unpasteurised milk. You should also think of cooking your meat well (no rare steaks and carpaccio) and of washing your fruit and vegetables before consumption. Remember your hygiene: be sure to wash your hands before preparing meals and sitting down to table. Don't forget to clean your refrigerator regularly and discuss with your doctor whether any other precautions will be necessary.

A question of months: should I be taking food supplements?

If, before your pregnancy, you had a varied and balanced diet, your mineral and vitamin requirements are normally covered. In reality, however, many women have intake deficiencies, especially when it comes to iron and folic acid, two essential nutrients right from the start of the pregnancy. Today doctors almost systematically prescribe a folic acid supplement to pregnant women, or to those voicing their desire to fall pregnant (during a pre-conception check-up, for example). If you are suffering from an iron deficiency, your doctor may also prescribe a supplement. You should not under any circumstances take food supplements without asking your doctor's advice.

It has been four weeks since your baby's conception and the embryo's around 11 mm long and is close to looking like a little baby! As far as you are concerned, you have only just realised that in 9 months time - or rather 8 months now! - you will give birth to a beautiful baby. But mind ... that is your little secret for the moment!



Sonia, 28 years, one month pregnant

"I am pregnant! There are so many questions going around in my head - it makes me dizzy and is worrying all at the same time! At the moment, my baby is only the size of a grain of rice, but I am completely content!"

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