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My eighth month of pregnancy


I had my last period between 33 and 36 weeks ago and am therefore between 31 and 34 weeks pregnant. My baby is preparing for exit: it is positioning itself with the head facing downwards. I have just felt a contraction, but a light one. The big day is approaching!

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Where is my baby?

Your baby is continuing to grow: during its last two months it will double its weight and grow by about ten centimetres!
During this eighth month of pregnancy, your baby will turn completely to take up its birth position, i.e. in 95% of all cases with the head downwards, well flexed, and its back towards the left side. This may be verified during your last ultrasound examination: this is what is known as the presentation.
While waiting, your baby is fine-tuning its body: its bones consolidate, its hair is growing, its skin is turning pink, its nails are forming ... Its elimination functions are well established: its kidneys eliminate about 30 ml of urine per hour. Its intestine is gradually filling with meconium, a dark, thick substance: this will be your baby's first stool after its birth.
At the end of the eighth month, your baby may already start to move down into your pelvis. You may be feeling a slight tugging or diffuse pain in your lower abdomen. Don't worry, this is normal: your pelvic joints are starting to loosen slightly to allow the baby to pass through.

My good dietary habits

At this stage, your baby will be gaining an average of 200 g per week. It is more important than ever before to provide your baby with the nutrients it needs for good development! You will also need energy to get through this last home run. Your body needs to build up reserves for the birth and the period of breastfeeding. This is therefore not a good time to go on a diet!
Be careful with snacking during these last two months! You will now be starting your maternity leave and it may be tempting to let your attention slip. On the contrary - you should make use of this time to watch your nutrition even more closely. Benefit from your free time to take walks, to buy fresh fruit and vegetables and to cook them. This will provide you with the vitamin C you need to protect your teeth, gums and arteries and for the good absorption of iron, which you will need to rebuild your red blood corpuscle stock.

A question of months: which foods should I eat to prepare for breastfeeding?

If you have decided to breastfeed your baby, now is the time to have protein, calcium and vitamin D, all essential nutrients that will provide your baby with high-quality milk (a supplement in the form of an ampoule of vitamin D is generally recommended at this stage - check with your doctor) . Maintain a balanced and varied diet rich in fruit and vegetables, dairy products, lentils and cereals, all accompanied by animal protein (meat, fish, eggs) and fats, especially essential fatty acids. You should also continue to drink a lot of water: between 1.5 and 2 litres per day. Limit your consumption of sugary beverages and carbonated drinks, but also of coffee and tea (no more than 360 mL per day). As far as alcohol is concerned, you are strongly advised to avoid it during the entire period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Your baby is taking up a lot of space - it is therefore less at ease in your womb during the 9th and last month of pregnancy. Your diaphragm and your lungs are compressed, resulting in a feeling of being out of breath. Patience - everything will fall into place in good time!



Sonia, 28 years, 8 months pregnant

"I have started my maternity leave very early to give myself time to draw breath and to prepare the room for our baby. I have already gained 11 kg and it seems that the baby will still double in weight - I don't know where I'll find the space!"

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