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I am finally (almost) understanding baby's language!


My baby is a real talker! I didn't think that so little they would be able to make themselves understood. In macho style I said to my friends "Babies aren't really interesting before they can walk and talk" but in fact, baby and I have got plenty of things to say to one another.

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Laughing, crying, gooing… When my baby talks to me I understand almost everything! It took a few hiccups (mistakenly  feeding my baby a bottle thinking they were hungry, making them laugh and getting them all excited just before putting them to bed, stopping swearing and forcing myself to say "pénible"…) before understanding that my baby is interacting with me and communicating with me permanently. A real discovery as much for them as for me! That's how I managed to decipher what my baby was trying to tell me!

Baby cries. Are they in pain?

To begin with I didn't know how to tell the difference between my baby's different cries but now I know when they're tired, hungry, or anxious at night. I have even found ways of calming them down. I tell them all about my day, my work, of my baby's promising future, or the last football match.

To calm them down I also have my own personal techniques like taking them out for a walk in the pushchair or holding them in my arms. It works everytime!

As I am a model husband I insist on sharing tasks. Who gets up in the middle of the night after a nasty nightmare? Dad does! Even if I must admit that I don't always hear my baby crying at first.

Baby and my amazing humour

The first great times I shared with my baby were the smiles. The reflex smile, the friendly smile, the cheeky smile, and then from around 4 months, the giggles!

I have sure ways of making them laugh: pulling funny faces, kissing them all over pretending I'm going to eat them and singing in a ridiculous way while shaking my hands about. I also do puppet shows, this little piggy, and play hide and seek behind a blanket, at least 5 times over… and sometimes even more if it still makes them laugh. They usually get fed up before I do.

Baby and me, we understand one another!

I started talking to my baby when they were in their mother's tummy, and today it is simply the continuity of that. When I play with the rattle I talk about the rattle, when I put their socks on I talk about the socks. My voice stimulates my baby so I talk to them all the time. They understand me as I do them.

I know all the different stages of language now from chattering and mimics through to the first words and phrases. I will never forget the first time they said "daddy", I even shed a tear.

Then came the "no" phase and like all parents we didn't get away with it. I showed them who was boss, well I tried…

As I am a role model and my baby imitates me in everything, I make the most of it to teach them phrases which make me proud when they repeat them in public: "long-live Arsenal (either you're a supporter or you're not) or even " I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand " (a quote by Confucius' always comes in handy!).



"I remember the day we got back from the hospital, I went around the house with our baby introducing them to each room and each object. Some might think I'm mad but I'm sure my baby likes it when I talk to them about everything."

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