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Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Why does baby need extra protection?

You know instinctively how to protect your baby. You take them in your arms to reassure them or you dress them up warm when it's cold outside... but unfortunately you can't protect them from everything. To fight any nasty germs, your baby can however count on their natural defenses!


Your baby's immune system is in full development

At birth, your baby's immune system is not yet very developed. In the womb, your baby was in a sterile environment and was protected by you. Their intestinal flora was almost inexistent.

Fortunately, they are protected during the first few months of life by your antibodies, passed on in the womb during pregnancy, and which protect them agains germs and viruses. This is known as passive immunity.

Breastfeeding prolongs these benefits by contributing to the development of an intestinal flora rich in bifidus which is one of Baby's first-line defenses.

Your baby will of course develop their own immune system which will become mature at around the age of 4 years.


From 6 months, your baby may need a little helping hand.

Introduction of solids may be a delicate time for your little one. Introducing new foods leads to changes in the intestinal flora. They become more vulnerable and digestive disorders may occur.

It is also an age at which your baby will want to touch everything they see and put it in their mouth. Contact with the outside world becomes increasingly frequent and they discover community life where they share everything... including viruses! Just some of the good reasons to offer close protection for your baby!




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